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Your Trusted Tree Care Provider in Winnipeg

Tree removal, stump grinding, storm damage cleanup and more

Tree Removal Services in Winnipeg and Surrounding Areas

Serving Winnipeg and the surrounding areas, Beaver Tree Service provides professional tree removal services for both residential and commercial clients.

Why Should You Hire an Expert Arborist for Your Tree Removal?

Attempting to remove a tree by yourself can be quite dangerous if you don’t have the right training or tools. You would have to climb a tall ladder, which can be a precarious task if you’re not used to it, all while also holding and handling bulky tools. Our experts at Beaver Tree Service on the other hand have the training and expertise needed to handle your tree removal safely. 

Tree stubs
Tree Stump

Professional Evaluation of Dead Trees

It is not always easy to discern whether a tree is dead and at risk of falling. Since dead trees can easily fall and cause damage, it is highly recommended to hire a tree expert to evaluate the situation. Here at Beaver Tree Service, we offer swift, efficient, and tidy tree removal services for dead trees everywhere in Winnipeg.

When Is It Time for a Tree Removal?

If you notice the following signs of decay on your tree, it may be time to hire an arborist:


  • Fungi growing by the foot of the tree

  • Peeling bark on the trunk

  • Cracks, cavities, and chipped areas along the trunk

  • Holes in the major branches

  • Dead branches in the tree's crown

  • If the tree is too large for the space it’s in

  • Tree’s limbs are encroaching on structures.

Worker sitting on Tree stubs
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