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Close-up of a cut tree stump with visible rings, surrounded by sawdust and fallen leaves

Your Trusted Tree Care Provider in Winnipeg

Tree removal, stump grinding, storm damage cleanup and more

Stump Grinding & Tree Chipping Services in Winnipeg and Surrounding Areas

At Beaver Tree Service, we take care of everything - from grinding the stump to removing it from your property, all while ensuring a thorough cleanup of the work site.

Stump Grinding and Removal

Stumps are an eyesore, and as they decay they become a habitat for carpenter ants, termites, tree fungi, and other insects. Stump removal will improve the look of your landscape and remove tripping and lawn mower hazards for you and your family.  When it comes to stump removal, grinding is not only the most effective method but also the safest. These machines are extremely dangerous and should only be used by professionals with trained experience. We do not recommend this as a DIY project. Our approach ensures minimal disruption and harm to your lawn, setting it apart from other alternatives.  If you need stump removal Beaver Tree has the expertise you need.

stump grinder

The Importance of Removing Tree Stumps

Effective stump removal allows you to enhance the overall condition and maintenance of your outdoor space in a number of ways:


  • It helps extend your lawn space.

  • It allows you to easily eliminate unwanted tree sprouts.

  • It helps to eradicate potential insect habitats.

  • It reduces the risk of lawn mower damage.

Tree Chipping and Disposal

We can do both partial and whole tree disposal. We don’t only cut trees of all sizes, but since most landfills refuse to take in tree stumps, our grinding process transforms them into wood chips. We also conduct a meticulous cleanup after each tree chipping job.

Wood chipper blowing tree branches
Wood Chip

Wood Chip

Since we frequently carry our tree chipping jobs for a large amount of clients in the Winnipeg region, we are often left with big quantities of leftover woodchips. These are woodchips are fresh and rich in nutrients, making them ideal for gardening or landscaping purposes.

Did You Know?

Recycling fallen trees or branches is a great way to get natural mulch for your garden or landscape!

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Our services are available in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas.

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