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A Lifetime of Healthy, Beautiful Trees for Winnipeg Homes

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Utilizing our 57-foot bucket truck and skilled tree climbers, Beaver Tree Service Inc can prevent common problems such as limbs falling on structures or power lines. Regular tree pruning is recommended in order to maintain views that can become blocked by deadwood or sucker growth around a tree.

Tree Shaping

Our tree shaping service is another way to enhance the aesthetics of your property’s trees. Tree shaping, also known as “arborsculpture,” can be used to augment the appearance of certain tree species to allow them to better integrate with landscapes and surroundings, or even stand out as an aesthetic or artistic statement.

Proper tree care is essential to ensuring your trees remain safe, healthy, and beautiful. For a free quote on tree pruning, trimming or shaping, please call Beaver Tree Service today!

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